Edit & Verify discusses “Media Literacy” at the last webinar of its series

Under the title “Media Literacy for the Public”, the Arab Fact-Checkers Network (AFCN), led by ARIJ, concluded the first track of the “Edit & Verify” project in partnership with the Meta Journalism Project in the occasion of the International Fact-Checking Day on April 2,  with the participation of more than 210 participants via Zoom and more than 600 viewers on “Facebook”.

The webinar was trained by Dr. Najeh El-Misawy, the president of the Tunisian Association for Media Education, and Manal El-Harzi, vice-president of the association, who works as a correspondent for Radio Morocco, broadcasting from Montreal (Canada). 

At the beginning of the webinar, Al-Harzi discussed a number of tools to help journalists and users of social media platforms to verify and evaluate information, by following fact-checking methodologies obtained from social media platforms and various news platforms.

Dr. Al-Misawi also shared the basics of media literacy, and the importance of providing media literacy curricula for students in schools and universities, to raise the quality of the content published and circulated on the Internet.

The webinar witnessed an interaction between the trainers and the participants who asked questions related to experiences on media literacy and open tools for fact-checking and reviewing the experience of the association in this regard.

The Edit & Verify project aims to improve the skills of journalists, fact-checkers and journalism students, enabling them to verify various information, in the aim of increasing transparency, establishing media ethical standards and a culture of accountability, and helping in restoring public trust in the Arab media.